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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Structured Report Visualisation

In modern reports it's all about story telling. This means that you have to set the conceptual rules for your report and get the appropriate storyline straight. As soon as you have this figured out, you should tell the story with the appropriate visual design (perceptual rules). Followed by the semantic rules to use a clear and uniform notation. We already supported many of the top SME's and large enterprises in the World by creating meaningful reports. How can we help you?

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

A way to get the greatest value from your data! Data science is the process of using algorithms, methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It applies advanced analytics and machine learning (ML) to help users predict and optimize business outcomes. We already helped many organizations to get the basics right to create a successful data strategy and to implement data science as one of their success factors. Do you want to understand how we did this?

Modern Data Warehouse

The traditional data warehouse has served us well for many years, but new trends are causing it to break in four different ways: data growth, fast query expectations from users, non-relational/unstructured data, and cloud-born data.  How can you prevent this from happening?  Enter the modern data warehouse, which is designed to support these new trends . It handles relational data as well as data in Hadoop, provides a way to easily interface with all these types of data through one query model, and can handle “big data” while providing very fast queries.

Artificial Intelligence Optimation

Many of our clients are focused on infusing prediction and optimization capabilities into decision-making. Organizations now can capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics. It’s all about simplifying the optimization modeling process and reducing decision-making time. Would you like to understand how we help data science teams to solve complex problems using optimization technology and machine learning?

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

House of Data


Since 2005 it's our passion to turn your organization into a truly data-driven organization. Creating reliable information to enable you to take informed decisions, and anticipate to new opportunities and threats.

We are able to convey the results in a tangible and specific way, before we actually start. With a realistic proof of concept and a crystal clear quotation. We provide you with certainty in terms of costs, lead times and results, before you assign your project to us.


And with our unique nearshore concept and branch-specific head-starts, we can offer you very cost effective solutions to become a real data-driven company.​

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