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The universe of data and modeling has changed vastly over the past few years. The volume of information is growing rapidly, while opportunities to expand insights by combining data are accelerating. Bigger and better data give companies both more panoramic and more granular views of their business environment. The ability to see what was previously invisible improves operations, customer experiences, and strategy.

Often, companies already have the data they need to tackle business problems, but managers simply don’t know how they can use this information to make key decisions.One way to prompt broader thinking about potential data is to ask, “What decisions could we make if we had all the information we need?”

Build models that predict and optimize business outcomes. Data are essential, but performance improvements and competitive advantage arise from analytics models that allow managers to predict and optimize outcomes. More important, the most effective approach to building a model usually starts, not with the data, but with identifying a business opportunity and determining how the model can improve performance. We have found that such hypothesis-led modeling generates faster outcomes and roots models in practical data relationships that are more broadly understood by managers.

Transform your company’s capabilities.

The lead concern senior executives express to us is that their managers don’t understand or trust big data–based models and, consequently, don’t use them. Such problems often arise because of a mismatch between an organization’s existing culture and capabilities and emerging tactics to exploit analytics successfully. The new approaches either don’t align with how companies actually arrive at decisions or fail to provide a clear blueprint for realizing business goals. Bottom line: using big data requires thoughtful organizational change, and three areas of action can get you there.




House of Data

It is our passion to turn your organisation into a truly data-driven organisation. Creating reliable information to enable you to take informed decisions, and anticipate to new opportunities and threats.

We are able to convey the results in a tangible and specific way, before we actually start. With a realistic proof of concept and a crystal clear quotation. We provide you with certainty in terms of costs, lead times and results, before you assign your project to us. And with our unique nearshore concept and branch-specific head-starts, we can offer you very cost effective solutions to become a real data-driven company.

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Business Focus

As we believe in long lasting partnerships with our customers, we invest in know-how. Know-how in the technical areas we serve you with, as well as know-how in the business processes from the business we focus on.  

Excellent decisions start with knowing your business, understand your data and translate this in the best models and solution for you, our customer.

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